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A partner in power

A partner in power

01/04/2010 | Channel: Manufacturing, Information Technology

The story of Total Product Solutions is very much one of success

Founded in 2004 by Jos Meijer and Tom Winkelman with just two staff, today Total Product Solutions has a turnover of three million euros, and a reputation for excellence. The organisation’s central headquarters and factory is based in the tax-free zone in Thailand, which is locally supported by an engineering office also located in Thailand, an office in Taiwan and a branch in the Netherlands.

The European market is fully supported, both in the commercial as well as in the technical field, by this office in the Netherlands. The European Design, Sales and Service Centre provides customers optimal service and direct communication. The location of Total Product Solutions in the Netherlands gives clients a central location for contact in Europe, access to skilled personnel with thorough knowledge of all relevant disciplines and guidance and assistance available in German, Dutch or English languages.

For technical and commercial matters, a skilled team is on hand to assist with custom design and investigation for electronic products, plus it offers in-house pre-compliant test facilities for safety and EMI investigation and CE-certification, in conjunction with product verification for compliance against the relevant international standards.

By working in partnership with Total Product Solutions, clients can reduce their time to market considerably, as well as benefit from the company’s two decades of experience in the design and production of power supplies to customers’ specification. Clients also receive technical and commercial guidance for projects from the European office, while at the same time directly dealing with the factory in Thailand, resulting in minimum costs.

Up until 2009 Total Product Solutions was a stand-alone company. In 2009, the owners created a group of companies called Total Product Group (TPG) because, after extended research, it concluded that Thailand is the new China. In close co-operation with each other, the companies operate under the Total Product Group name, and exclusively share information.

The company’s state-of-the-art production facility, owned by Jean Claude Menard and Total Product Solutions located in Thailand provides clients the best quality for the best price. The factory includes a 4000 m2 production floor, which features modern production facilities, including anti-static floor covering the complete production hall, automatic component pick and place machines, six zones reflow ovens, a three wave automatic soldering machine and a burn-in room.

The factory is located in ‘industrial zone three’ around Bangkok, close to the sea harbour and airport. This location, and Total Product Group’s BOI approval, results in full European ownership and extensive tax advantages such as tax-free import and export of materials and products. Jean Claude Menard handles daily management and the management team is comprised of Jos Meijer, Tom Winkelman and Jean Claude Menard.
These tax advantages, the low labour costs and the efficient management by experienced European staff results in a minimum cost price of its products. As clients buy directly from the factory, they will also enjoy the full benefits – guaranteeing them a high quality level against a minimum price.

The Thai factory is supported by an engineering office, which has a skilled team of highly educated Thai engineers at its disposal. The management of this team is in the hands of highly experienced Dutch senior engineer and owner Jos Meijer, who oversees a wide variety of tasks, such as the design and preparation of test tools and production documents, the guidance and control of the production process, and assisting in the design and documentation process in partnership with the engineering team in the Netherlands. This office also provides technical support to local customers, and is equipped with an extended set of test and measurement devices, in order to fulfil any customer requirement.

Support for material purchasing and sales in the Asian market is provided by Total Product Solutions’ office, located in Taipei, Taiwan. Taipei is the heart of the electronic industry in the world and the organisation takes full benefit of this by using the Taiwanese office as the main access point for components and materials for the Thai factory.

Furthermore, the location is perfect for another important task – it is the sales point for Total Product Solutions’ products and services in the Asian market. It also offers guidance for the manufacturing of special products or parts that are outsourced to Taiwan or China, and provides technical support to local customers.

Power supplies are the main product manufactured by Total Product Solutions, and these specialist products provide a secure self-sufficient source of electricity. The success of the company was founded on building these systems for casinos, and the company still produces a 250W power supply for gambling machines today. The current machine offers five outputs including two constant voltage, current source outputs and a 12W auxiliary power supply.

In addition to its range of power supplies, Total Product Solutions offers a range of ‘special products’, including a Lightning Strike Protection Module. This module for DIN-rail systems is designed to provide adequate protection against high-energy surges induced on DC power lines by the impact of lightning strikes.

Again with a focus on safety, Total Product Solutions also offers a warning sign with LED illumination and integrated LED flashlight. This warning sign is designed for use in parking garages.

The great advantage of using LEDs in this warning sign is the low current dissipation, the high brightness and the high reliability. Owing to the low power consumption, this warning sign is extremely suitable to run on a no-break uninterruptible power supply (UPS), providing a longer warning period when AC-mains is no longer available. This results in a safer warning system for a longer-term period of time.

This type of innovative product is illustrative of the wide range of equipment available from Total Product Solutions. In addition, 2010 is scheduled to see another launch from the company – a cleaner, greener power supply unit, which can be used in a multitude of applications. “There is a growing awareness of environmental safety,” comments Tom Winkelman. “The TP group recognises this awareness and started to design a new line of Power Supplies with Energy Star Label and without any metal parts in it.”

Having seen continual growth over the six years of its life, Total Product Solutions is going from strength to strength. Its dedication to meeting customer needs, saving client’s money, and increasing efficiency should stand it in good stead for many years to come.